Awesome Local Green Businesses To Support In Springfield, MO

There’s one thing that has been kind of putting a damper on my green lifestyle of late… that it seems like it’s very hard to find eco-friendly products and (even more) services in my hometown or close to. I was just sitting there mopping when it hit me that there just HAD to be something in my hometown or close by. So I did a little Google search.

Much to my delighted surprise, I found quite a few businesses and companies that have ‘green living’ at the top of their priority list. And while I was giddily scrolling through all their prospective pages and about sections I realized that I JUST HAD TO share all of this with you. Now, I know that most of you probably don’t live in the Springfield, MO area or anywhere close by but I still think that it’s important to share this list.

Why? Because it might interest you in finding out what else your OWN hometown has to offer. You never know until you look (as I found out) and more than likely you will be pleasantly surprised at your findings. Also, if you ever happen to be in the Springfield, MO area — you now know where to stay and what to do 🙂


GreenStay Hotel & Suites

GreenStay is an environmentally friendly hotel and business class all the way. They are committed to helping people live green even when they’re on vacation or business trips and some of the ways they do this is by providing eco-friendly bathroom products, using LED lighting to keep costs down and having a waste management system that helps them recycle. Also, and my personal favorite, they provide electric-car charging stations so that their eco-conscious customers have a place to charge their cars while on stay there. Check them out and book your room at their website here. 

Farmer’s Park

My family’s weekly Saturday morning hangout spot is the place to find all your local farmers and as many organic, natural and homemade products as your heart desires. They are open year round although there quite a few less vendors during the winter months compared to the summer. There are food stalls galore, homemade beauty products, goat milk soap (one of my faves!), cider in the fall and even a few local clothing businesses. And That’s just the market! There are also a host of businesses, including Metropolitan Farmer restaurant that serves local and organic food and clothing stores, interior design, and a salon (or two). Check out the website here for open times and dates and the location. 

Dynamic Earth

The outdoor sporting goods company is dedicated to sustainability and making sure everyone gets outside (by itself admirable!). As a locally based company, their website features Missouri areas to explore and play at and their different approach to how they do business is a big reason customers love them. Founded in 2002, they are now located in the Green Circle Shopping Center as another way to do their part in helping the Earth. Find them there or on their website to learn more about Dynamic Earth. 

MaMa Jean’s

The natural food store has a sort of cult following in the Springfield area. With multiple locations now you will have no problem finding one close to your home. The store sells all sorts of natural foods as well as having a bulk section (which is my favorite of all, but probably because there’s almost no other bulk-buy options) and they have expanded into a deli as well. Mama Jean’s is very active in the community, participating in farmer’s markets, fairs and even partnering with the Discovery Center on food education. Go to their website here to find a location nearest you and learn more about the company.

ECO Cleaning Systems, LLC

I’ve personally never used this company, I found them on my Google search for green businesses in Springfield. Nevertheless, the company mission statement to offer “superior cleaning service that is both environmentally friendly and healthy for our clients”  really excites me. It’s great to know that there is a cleaning company I can count on if I ever need their type of service. Check them out more on their website here. 

Osceola Cheese Company

Every cheese-lovers dream: over 250 varieties of cheese all in the same place! The family-owned company has been around since 1944 and although it’s a little bit more outside of Springfield (well, ok, like an hour) it’s worth the drive to get some cheese from them. You can easily go every few months and stock up — the prices are reasonable and they even have old-fashioned snack items (my husband was delighted by the candy Red Vines which he loves and hasn’t been able to find anywhere else). Check out the website and get directions to their store here. 

Bug Zero

When I think of pest control companies I think of harsh chemicals, men dressed up in full-body hazmat suits and spraying all kinds of nasty things in my house that keep me away for two days. Eww. I never even thought about ‘green’ pest control. But someone did! The people over at Bug Zero have made it their mission to help you exterminate those pesky pests without the fear of harsh chemicals and helping their customers find ways to deal with pests in safe ways. Head over to their website to learn more and find out how to contact them. 


Here’s one that really caught my attention: a lawn-care company that is focused on sustainability by using solar-powered mowers and organic fertilizer. Although I’m usually the kind of person that likes doing lawn work, I’m so tempted to use this company just to see them at work. If you’re not an outside person like me, this company might be the perfect fit for you. Oh, and they also offer installation of solar panels! Yeah. To take another look at the company and use their services head over to their website. 

That’s all I’ve found out for now but if you guys know any others, please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know!

Love you guys!!




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