7 Amazingly Imaginative Ways To Use Green Energy

If you’re like me (crazy about going green) then for sure that you’ve seen a few stories about eco-friendly ways to create energy, gather water or power something or other sometime recently. I for one have been reminded of such things in recent days as we got our last electricity bill in the mail…enough said.

Of all our bills, the electricity bill is our highest (as I’m sure it is for most of you) and it is also the one that makes me the most angry. Because I know that there are so many better ways to get clean, renewable and even free energy out there and the electricity bill just reminds be every month that we’re not using it and neither is our city.


So what are those renewable ways of energy? Oh, let me count them…no, seriously, here’s a list.

  1. A compost heap can create enough energy to heat 80% of a home’s water supply for up to 24 months. Learn how to create your own energy-providing compost pile here.
  2. You can pull water out of thin air with this contraption — an MIT project whose goal was to mimic a technique that plants and insects use to survive in the driest climates.
  3. Solar panels are becoming more and more popular and now there are even talks of solar panel roofing and many, many other concepts for harvesting the power of the sun. Also, there are even plenty of plans out there for how to build your own solar panels — here’s one.
  4. Next to solar power, wind power is one of the easiest renewable energies to utilize and implement in our world — at least in my opinion. There are costs of course, up front, but as with all things eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable you have to be willing to put in some work and some time and some money if you want to do what’s right for the planet. Obviously, not everyone can put a massive wind turbine in their backyard but a French company has created a wind powered tree to harness power. Pretty cool, huh?
  5. Tidal energy is relatively new and I don’t know much about it, but I’ve seen some articles and work on it that is convincing me that it is a viable option for the future of sustainable energy. Of course, there’s the energy harnessed from dams that has been around for a while and being used successfully. Now, there are also projects that are trying to harness kinetic energy without the use of dams by using free flow turbines.
  6. Burning trash isn’t exactly a new concept, but burning trash to create energy sure seems like it is. It’s still a bit controversial, as some say that it actually creates more CO2 waste than burning gas or coal, but it does have the potential to help us save natural resources and rid our planet of some trash in the process.
  7. One of my person favorites is this lamp that runs on algae and not only produces energy and light but also pulls carbon dioxide out of the air and excretes oxygen thus cleaning the air. It’s pretty awesome and the lamps can clean as much CO2 out of the air as a full grown tree does in its lifetime, in just one year.


Do you guys know of any other ways that renewable energy has stepped forward in the last few years? Leave me some comments and let me know and also which ones you would like to see implemented more large-scale. 

Looking forward to seeing more of you,


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