10 Movies On Sustainability To Inform And Encourage You

I wish. I mean, I wish everything and everyone would go green on this planet, but until that happens, I’ll have to settle for these movies about going green, living naturally or just plain de-cluttering your life. I remember the very first movie I watched about living more sustainable was called Just Eat It: A Food Waste documentary and I couldn’t stop talking about it for the next few weeks. Even now, years later, I still think of that movie every now and then and I actually want to watch it again and share it with more people (guess what I’ll be doing once I finish this post? lol).

Now, I know that it’s a little bit of  a stretch from just watching movies about going green or living with less to actually doing it, but I’ve found that a lot of times I get motivated by these movies and that watching gives me the ‘oomph’ I needed to get up and do it. I know a lot of other green-living people and bloggers feel the same way!

So grab some popped-yourself popcorn, sit down on your eco-friendly sofa, grab the remote and put in one of these documentaries that will give you more ideas on how to live green and a new perspective on just what that means.

Just Eat It: A Food Waste StoryWatch the trailer here. 

The Clean Bin ProjectWatch the trailer here.

Forks Over KnivesWatch the trailer here. 

The True CostWatch the trailer here.

We The Tiny House People —  Watch the trailer here. 

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability SecretWatch the trailer  here.

That Sugar FilmWatch the trailer here.

More than HoneyWatch the trailer here.

MinimalismWatch the trailer here.

Fed UpWatch the trailer here. 

Share this post with your friends, and maybe watch a movie or two together! 

highly recommended


Sources: http://zerowastememoirs.com/baby-step-19-netflix-documentary-on-sustainability/

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