About The Company:

DO Green was founded with the idea of making eco-friendly services and products as accessible and affordable to everyone.

Our mission: To enable people everywhere to use eco-friendly services and products on a daily basis and with ease no matter where they are. To help businesses and companies change their practices to include more sustainable activities and eco-friendly products. To educate communities and cities on environmentally friendly practices and how to implement them throughout the community.

DO Green was opened in 2017 by founder Oana Muresan who wished to see more eco-friendly services be offered to the masses. Our goals are, firstly, to increase the use of sustainable practices in our hometown of Springfield, MO and, second, to reach out to other communities and cities that are in need of help with implementing eco-friendly practices and be able to help them.

We also look forward to opening our own flagship store in the near future and working with our hometown and investors to create the first all eco-friendly mall in America. Although our goals are lofty and not in the near future for now, we hope that our work here will inspire others to live and lead sustainable lifestyles in their own homes as well as in their communities and businesses.


About The Founder

The founder of DO Green is Oana Muresan, a stay-at-home mom of an energetic two year old. She is of Romanian descent and married to a wonderful husband for the past five years.

She love all things sustainable and eco-friendly. She wasn’t always, going about her life with no concern for how the things she was using or doing were impacting the environment. And then she had a child, and started seeing earth-damaging actions everywhere. So she is now on a mission to convert her household to a trash-free, eco-friendly, self-sustainable home and she wants the rest of the households out there that care about sustainability to have access to the same resources that she does.

This is why she’s on a mission to create services and bring products to people that don’t have them yet. Services that are not only helpful and easy on the wallet but are also great for the environment so that people can enjoy living a sustainable, eco-friendly life outside of their homes. Products that are home-made, sustainable, last a long time and are available not only online but at your neighborhood market or grocer.

As the founder of DO Green, Oana is also striving daily to create a more eco-friendly lifestyle for her own family and those around her. You can find the founder on social media profiles and follow along with her as she makes the changes in her life to live greener. Find Oana on Instagram here or on Facebook here.

Nina Todea/The Standard